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Price €316.30

Pendant lamp in which wood and ceramics are combined. This combination gives this lamp a seal of distinction. With the floral drawing in blue of the ceramic we wanted to contribute part of our roots, our Valencian...


Price €113.74

Dottie, in addition to transmitting a very relaxing feeling to the bedroom with its 3w LED bulb, are a total trend for its use of natural wood and white on white. But if your little one goes bright colors, soon, you...


Price €266.20

The aesthetics of this table lamp is characterized by its simplicity. Designed with straight lines and with a shape that reminds us of the consonant L, it makes it a great looking luminaire in any apartment where...


Price €188.26

Its shape and nature reminds us of the world of pure craftsmanship, thus offering a warm and magical product that skims the sculptural object. The point of light illuminates the tangle creating unique environments...


Price €518.92

Table lamp of large dimensions where we join a cylindrical foot of black marble veined in white and a large glass tulip, both elements make this piece a sculpture with great strength and personality. Marble is a lamp...


Price €115.00

Pendant lamp made with natural fibers. With an original design this lamp is suitable for any corner of a house, providing a great personality to the room and a pleasant light. Sizes/measurements of the product:...