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At ONA, we are committed to responsible and sustainable consumption, which is why we benefit our customers with discount coupons when they buy our items, according to the degree of sustainability of each one.

What is it about?

It is a program of circulation of the economy for the life cycle of products and services.

The Eco-Shopping or “Ecological Points” is a scoring system to encourage the purchase of ecological products.

To score each sustainable product, the Ecocredit or “Ecological Credit” method is used, which reflects the positive environmental impact on the purchase of a sustainable product.

What are they based on?

The Eco-Shopping method is a cumulative value. To obtain the midpoints and endpoints, the following impact elements are considered:

  • Impacts of the materials used.
  • Production and / or manufacturing process.
  • Packaging, appraisal and human labor involved in the production process.
  • Ecological overhead.
  • Product life and design for disassembly.
  • Reuse.
  • Recycling.
  • Elimination of products.

What are they for?

Eco-Shopping allows consumers to view points and information on sustainable manufacturing of products. With these points the consumer can exchange them for discounts on the purchase of new products. For example, if the consumer purchases a new product worth 10 Eco-Credits, they can obtain a discount of € 10 on the purchase of the product, in which they can accumulate to obtain more discounts with the purchase of products that use this ecological system.

How do I use them?

You can redeem your Eco-Shopping discount by adding the discount coupon you will receive when obtaining Eco-Purchases with the purchase of a product. 

Where can I see how many Eco-Shoppings I have?

You can see your accumulation of Eco-Shoppings by accessing your customer account onaemotion.com in the section “Ecoshopping“.

How do I get Eco-Shopping when returning a lamp?

When returning a lamp the state will be valued in order to provide the points due to the state of the product. If the item is well under the established standards, the consumer will acquire the amount of points of the Eco-Shoppings for the returned item, being able to exchange them for another new item with a discount coupon.