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At ONA we are committed to recycling and a sustainable life, for this reason we have created two options to give a long life to our lamps:


1st option

In order for the lamp to be recycled properly by pieces, we give the option of collecting the ONA lamp that you want to recycle to give it a better life and to be able to recycle it by pieces. In return, ONA will grant an economic incentive to the client depending on the status of the product and its evaluation.


2nd option

We also give the option that if the customer wants to change an ONA lamp for another ONA lamp, a collection of the old lamp will be made to assess its condition and thus send the new ONA lamp. Depending on the condition of the old lamp, ONA will grant a value of Eco-credits in order to be able to exchange them in the purchase of the new ONA product obtaining an additional discount.


Telephone number: 961 344 361.

EMAIL: info@onaemotion.com