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  • Producto a la venta.

La estética de esta lámpara de sobremesa se caracteriza por su simpleza.

Diseñada con líneas rectas y con una forma que nos recuerda a la consonante L, hace de ella una luminaria de gran apariencia en cualquier estancina donde se coloque.

Tamaño/medidas del producto:

Altura: 43cm.

Ancho: 40cm.

Altura pantalla: 22cm.

Acabado estructura: metal mate.

Acabado pantalla: pergamino blanco.

266,20 €


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  • Ian Harrison • publicado
    I like it, because it looks nice and simple. There is one view (image) only, which is not enough, and more views from different angles/directions could let me see how the product looks like. In addition, some information is missing, for example, the dimensions of the lamp and materials used to make the lamp. I also like to see how this product can be dismantled which could be helpful to recycle and reuse the component/materials of the product after the product reaches its end of life.
  • Jim Scott • publicado
    The technical information provided is useful, but the demission in depth is missing which I guess is between 50 mm – 80 mm. The material of the cover seems not easy for recycling. Also, the coversheet is not easy to be separated from the metal frame which is not good for the user to recycle the product when it comes to its end of life.
  • Sharon Fisher • publicado
    Good design. I like the 'L' shape of the support frame. The bottom of the support could be improved to increase the stability when the lamp is placed on the table: to change the bottom contact from flat surface contact to three-bulge points contact.
  • Chloe Rizos • publicado
    A nice looking lamp for my bed room. Has the energy saving been considered in the design? Can an LED bulb be used?
  • luke peter • publicado
    Easy to assemble, but the finish of the lamp is bot perfect, the edge it quite sharp, it may cut your finger.
  • Jing Wong • publicado
    good lamp but the down side is the delivery, it takes too long to receive it. don't know what is the screen's material, not sure is it easy to replace or not.
  • Lily Zhang • publicado
    It seems a bit expensive for such a simple lamp. Perhaps the cover sheet costs more. Anyway, it is a nice lamp with attractive shape and colour.
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