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Buying a home is not an easy process for most people. It is usually the greatest economic effort that is made and fears are mixed with illusions. Once they give you the keys, you have before you a new challenge that is to turn the house into your home. To achieve this, decoration is vital. Not only choosing the color of the walls or the furniture in the rooms, but also the decorative details. In the following lines we want to show you one of the most innovative trends: cotton lamps.

Why have cotton lamps become the new decorative trend?

If there is something that never goes out of style, it is betting on sustainability. Hence, cotton lamps are one of the most current trends. When you bet on a product like this, you are sure that, even if time passes, it will continue to be a success.
In addition, it is one of those unique and special pieces that never go out of style and always look good. Another advantage is that it is very possible that you imagine them within a boho decoration, they adapt to any decorative style, if you combine them well.

You may be thinking that cotton lamps are not something very new, because you will be tired of seeing models with cotton shades and we are not going to deny it, but it is a different option. They are lamps that use this raw material, but have a current and innovative design.

They are designed to become the focal point of any room and in fact there are models that can be adapted to the different rooms of your home without problems.

It will give any room a warmer, more contemporary look. They are pieces that enhance any room. Without forgetting that it is one of those decorative elements that everyone who visits your home will ask you about, they will be wanting to know where you bought your lamp.

Now that you are clear that you need a cotton lamp in your home, in the last section we are going to make a couple of proposals.

Which cotton lamps are perfect for your home?

We are going to propose two cotton lamps for your house that you will fall in love with, these are

  • Maxine G. It is a lamp that has a height of 30 centimeters and a diameter of 30 centimeters. It has a gray finish and has a transparent cable. Its interior screen is made of aluminum and the exterior is made by hand with thick cotton fabric. It is perfect for any room, but it will bring great warmth to your bedroom or that of your children.
  • Maxime M. If you want a more original proposal, opt for this mustard colored lamp. It has a height of 30 centimeters and a diameter of 45 centimeters. Its interior hood is made of painted aluminum and the exterior is also made by hand with thick cotton fabric.

It is clear that cotton lamps are one of the most current trends. Now that you know two options, which one do you prefer?