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As part of the CIRC4Life research project, ONA is demonstrating a new circular economy approach, which includes a model rewarding consumer’s eco-friendly behaviors. The model is based on using an eco-cost and eco-credit system which helps consumers evaluate the environmental impact of ONA’s lamps; and to compensate them for the good behavior by recycling the lamps at the end of their life cycle.

The Eco-costs and Eco-credits system was designed to encourage end-users to recycle lighting products. In addition, it shows consumers the direct impact on the environment of their purchases (Eco-costs).

Our company is committed to responsible and sustainable production, and we wish to encourage you to make more sustainable choices, by offering you the possibility to participate in the eco-cost scheme.


Eco-costs are calculated by analyzing the environmental impacts of each product, using a Life Cycle Assesment method.

The value of an eco-cost indicates the negative environmental impact of the product allowing you to compare the impacts of different ONA lamps.

Lámpara de mimbre natural realizada a mano por artesanos

                                                                                    43 Eco-costs

      29 Eco-costs

The higher the value, the worst the environmental impact of the product.

This information is reflected in each of ONA‘s products so that you can compare and choose more sustainable products, if you wish to do so.


Eco-credits are points that are awarded to you when performing a positive environmental action via our recycling scheme. The recycling scheme is only available for EU customers at the moment.

ONA offers you the possibility to engage in a good environmental action: You can recycle your ONA products by contacting us and sending back the ONA lamps you no longer use, are broken or do no longer work.

Once you return the lamp, we will assess its condition and will award you with eco-credits, to encourage you to keep participating in our environmental scheme.

In this analysis we will take into consideration: the time of use of the lamp and the status of the lamp (if it is directly reusable, if it can be repaired or if it cannot be repaired).

Lámpara de mimbre natural realizada a mano por artesanos

These points will be calculated depending on the status of your lamp and the use

Once the analysis is done, the product will be sorted at the nearest recycling plant. The components in working condition will be returned to us for manufacturing new lights.

With this alternative we intend to encourage you to recycle products to avoid the culture of “use and throw away”.

Depending on the amount of eco-credits you receive after the analysis of the returned lamp for the recycling action an economic discount will be provided that you can use on your next purchase at ONA.

For more information please check the dedicated section on the CIRC4Life website here: Eco-costs and Eco-credits Scheme | CIRC4Life

How to participate?

Before each purchase, you must register on our website.

Once the registration is made, you will have a customer account where the eco-costs, obtained from the purchase of products, and/or eco-credits (if you carry out the recycling action), will be displayed. Eco-costs and eco-credits, will also be reflected in the purchase receipt.

In your client account you will be informed of the steps you have to follow for the recycling action. There is no additional cost to return your lamp, it is totally free! You just have to contact ONA to carry out this plan and our courier company will contact you to collect the product.