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Decoration elements to help you following home decor trends.

Are you looking to give your home or space a fresh and modern touch? On the occasion of the launch of our capsule collection of objects, we recommend some objects that decorate, but also fulfil practical and useful functions.

Find out below how to incorporate these pieces into your decor in a creative way:

Chandeliers (they bring light and atmosphere).

Chandeliers are making a comeback in interior decoration, and not just in a classic way, bringing a romantic and warm touch. Choosing candelabras with clean, minimalist lines will help you achieve avant-garde results. Opt for materials such as metal, glass or marble, which can be easily integrated with different styles of decoration. You can place the chandelier in the centre of a dining table or on a console table to create a focal point and create a warm, welcoming light in your space.

Magazine holder (organise with style)

A magazine rack is a practical and functional item that can also be a super key decorative element in your home. A freestanding magazine rack will hold your magazines and books, even vinyl records, bringing order and sophistication to any space. In addition to their functionality, magazine racks add texture and personality to your rooms, making them a versatile decor element.

Wall Clocks (decoration is not at odds with punctuality)

Clocks are undergoing a revitalisation in terms of design and style. From minimalist clocks with a modern look to vintage clocks with retro charm, there is a wide range of options to suit your personal aesthetic. Choose a watch that makes a style statement in its own right, whether it’s with big, bold numerals or an unusual design. As well as their obvious function of displaying the time, wall clocks can help fill empty walls and give a sense of visual balance to your spaces.

In conclusion, dare to incorporate these pieces into your home and transform your spaces into something truly special.