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Interior decorative lighting is one of the most important aspects when it comes to achieving a harmonious and warm space. However, getting all the pieces that make up this issue right is not always easy. As there is not always a professional decorator to give you the guidance you need, we invite you to pay attention to the following tips.



What should you take into account when choosing interior decorative lighting?

To get the interior decorative lighting right, there are a number of aspects that you must take into account, they are these:

  • Location. One of the most important aspects is the location of your light points. You must be clear that its placement is key not only to have good lighting, but also to highlight certain areas of the room. Give value to the most important pieces of each room with directional lighting.

  • Points of light. To get the most out of the lighting in your home, we recommend that you multiply the points of light in the room. It is something that will allow you to play with different approaches and choose the most suitable mode for each moment.

  • LEDs. If you want to optimize your lighting to the maximum, without a doubt, bet on LED lights. In addition to giving a warm light, you will achieve great savings on your energy bill.

  • Light bulbs. One of the most current trends is to give a special role to light bulbs. It is a perfect option for all kinds of decorative styles, it is true that they can fit you better in an industrial decoration, but it can also attractively break the image of other more classic styles.

  • Indirect light. Although in a previous point we have said that you bet on direct light, you can also have indirect light in certain areas. Above all, where you are looking for a warmer environment.

  • Lamps. The lamps you choose will largely mark the entire decoration of your home. You must choose carefully both the ceiling or wall ones and the floor ones. Today, you have many options. We recommend that you try to contrast the rest of the decoration of your home. For example, in a Nordic style, large natural fiber lamps are perfect, while in an industrial style, bet on minimalist designs with straight lines.

  • Shapes. A decorative trick that always works is to choose the shape of the lamp opposite to the area it illuminates. For example, on a square or rectangular table, opt for a round or oval lamp and vice versa.

  • Switches. The switches are also part of the decoration of your home. Choose attractive and modern designs, if possible, that can also be dimmed with light intensity. This way you will be able to change the lighting of the room with ease.

Choosing the interior decorative lighting well is as important as betting on the correct style in the home. It is true that all the advice you have seen will help you achieve the best environment, but if you want professional advice, contact our team and we will give you the help you need.