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We value sustainability, an eco-friendly world and contribute to caring for the environment.

Our ONA exclusive lamps designs are created based on materials used from waste. We manufacture lamps from waste in order to take advantage of the material and thus create a lamp as sustainable as possible.


We take into account the environmental impact when designing, creating and manufacturing the lamp.


We participate in a European project in order to create a more sustainable world by devising a product circulation strategy, this is to create a manufacturing product with materials that respect the environment and that in the long term each piece and material can be recycled without problems in order to create other products. With this, we generate a rotation of reusable waste in which new products can be created from used materials.


We have designed our MEDUSA family, in two different types of materials and 3 different sizes.



Medusa wood and Medusa metal are made with waste materials and a simple manufacture in which it is easily assembled and disassembled and thus can be recycled without any difficulty when separating the materials. 

Medusa lamps are part of the Demostration of the European project we our participating in of products and services for the circulation of the economy, in which they have been valued according to their size and type of material, as well as their manufacturing process being represented with a score of how sustainable the product is, whether due to its material impact, its impact on the manufacturing process and the health impact on human beings.

Each of our lamps in our online store have been valued according to their environmental impact with the representation of Eco Costes, the higher the value, the more negative the environmental impact will be.


All of our lamps are valued with our Eco Costs system based on how sustainable they are.


According to the rating, our lamps are rated from 19 Eco Costs as the one with the least environmental impact, up to 48 Eco Costs as the lamp with the most negative impact on the environment.

These Eco Costs serve as informative value for the consumer, but if in the future if you want to change one of our lamps or simply want to return it to us so that we can recycle it correctly (and for free), we encourage you with some Eco Credits, that is, discount for the next purchase in our online store.

With this action, we want to encourage good use when correctly recycling our lamps.


We are committed to responsible use when recycling our lamps, for this reason we provide the service of collecting our lamps to be able to recycle them correctly.


The recycling system can be requested both through the customer account in the “Recycled” section and simply by contacting us. On the other hand, the results of the Eco costs and Eco credits obtained will be reflected in the “Eco Scheme” section in the customer account when making a purchase or having requested recycling.


Get to know our exclusive designs for sustainable lamps in our online store.