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In interior design, variables such as architecture, decoration, product design and environmental psychology should be highlighted to create the perfect space or environment.


Usually, there is always confusion between interior design and interior decoration: an interior designer will have studied architectural concepts that will help him to understand the interior structure of any building, while the interior decorator functionality is the space management layout.

Both interior design and decoration are of great importance in space, as well as the lighting used. Exterior lighting will come from the natural light and interior light is the one chosen to achieve the design that has been required according to the type of space.


Types of lighting in interior design

Also, it should be noted within the lighting concept, several types regards the interior design:

  • General lighting, which is generally the one that brightens the space the most and provides the most light.

  • Decorative lighting, which provides an aesthetic value in question.

  • Point lighting, such as bedside tables or auxiliary tables, that create points of light in different corners of the home, for example.

The lighting designer will be the one in charge together with the interior designer or interior decorator to help achieve the perfect lighting appropriate to the space. To do this, a study of the dimensions of the space and the natural light from outside will have to be carried out.

The proper use of indoor lamps will make the space fit the architectural needs of the environment.


Lighting in interior design

Different aspects must be taken into account to effectively manage lighting in interior design, such as technical and environmental factors to properly choose a lighting system.

In addition to its functionality, lighting will always play an important role in spaces as it can bring personality and originality to every corner.

Also, it can be used to emphasize certain aspects of the decoration of the space, providing a creative and innovative touch to the environment.


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