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Today, indoor lamps are a must for interior decoration. The situation experienced with COVID-19 has made us spend a lot of time in our home, caused us to realize the importance of feeling comfortable in it, having it fully equipped and decorated to our liking.

Indoor lamps, ceiling lamps, floor lamps and table lamps in our homes are essential in lighting spaces.


Ambient lighting is an important part of the world of decoration 

The importance of the tonality of the light is also important to highlight. If the light is yellow it will create a warm environment and if it is white it will create a cold environment. 

For indoor lighting it is important to choose the location of the lamp well, since it can be used both to give more light to that space or use the lamp as a decorative element that gives that design touch that we like so much.


The lighting of each room can determine the design of each one, also determining the functionality and aesthetics is essential for a complete design of the space. 


Possibilities such as playing with shadows and alternating areas of shadow with light are strategies to create a perfect environment. Also, installing a directional light in the room that is functional for reading moments or simply using it as ambient light next to the bed, are some of the possibilities to create your dream and comfort space. 


Our ONA lamps, in our online store, are preferably ambient lamps.  


We have pendant, table and floor lamps, with different versions and possibilities. Everything to your liking. With bulbs included, the design is completely handmade and made in Spain, specifically in Valencia, giving an indisputable hallmark to our lamps.