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Fringed lamps are going strong, thanks to the influence that fashion increasingly exerts on decoration.


In the past, we could see the fringes in curtains, lamps, armchairs, as decorative elements, which gave that point of elegance to the objects that incorporated them. After the passage of time it was lost and currently it has returned with force. You just have to see the increase in interest that has been experienced on Pinterest of products such as furniture, dresses, curtains that have fringes incorporated.


This has caused designers and interior designers to rescue this trend in their latest furniture and lighting collections.

Now it is sought that the fringes cover large surfaces of the objects that incorporate it, turning them into a wild element, giving them more prominence. Quite the opposite of the old days when they were used to subtly finish the edges.


Our BUBBLE design is one of our most outstanding and differentiated lamps on the market, due to its dimensions, its presence in space, color and mix of materials, glass and textiles.




The fringes are a hallmark of the boho style that has never disappeared in the decoration scene, currently the banderilla fringes stand out with materials such as rayon or silk that make that fall so characteristic of the fringe.

In our online lighting store you can find our BUBBLE lamp, a crystal pendant lamp with pink fringes, with a chic, modern and elegant style, with a classic soul.


The fringed lamp is a lamp that does not go unnoticed, its modern and chic design as well as elegant highlighted by its size and its glass lampshade with pink fringes.


The BUBBLE fringed pendant lamp is perfect for any space in the home, both in the living room and in the bedroom, as well as in any corner that wants to stand out in design.



The combination of materials in the lighting makes a piece unique and unmatched. Risky materials such as glass and the pink fringes of our BUBBLE lamp make it a singular, unique and also exclusive product.


The oval-shaped glass, with the bulb inside visible and the pink fringes hanging from the sphere, makes for a chic, modern and avant-garde atmosphere.


It is characterized by its glass lampshade with a height of 22 cm and 20 cm in diameter and its G9 led bulb.

In total, the lamp measures 37 cm in height with the glass lampshade and fringes included. The most outstanding finishes, the glass lampshade, the metallic trim, the pink fringes, the black textile cable and the 8 cm diameter opal glass diffuser.



We design exclusive limited edition lamps. We want to give value to our lamps with limited editions and unique designs.