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At ONA we have developed a space disinfection system in which in a few minutes and without any effort, the space is completely sterilized and disinfected thanks to UV-C ultraviolet light. Our system is created for an effective and safe disinfection in which it guarantees that there is no direct contact with people.

Some of the characteristics of the UV-C ultraviolet disinfection system are:

  • Respectful with the environment.
  • It destroys all the genetic information of the virus.
  • They not only kill bacterias and viruses, they also disinfect spaces.
  • It can kill microorganisms, bacteria, viruses and other pathogens, or impede their development.
  • It works by inactivating the DNA of bacteria and viruses.
  • Once UV-C light is activated on a surface and has been turned off, that surface can be used instantly.


Then, we detail a video of one of the many possibilities that we can develop at ONA of the ultraviolet disinfection lamp system.

Our system is fully customizable and can be adapted to the clients needs.

Contact us if you are interested in our disinfection system with ultraviolet lamps.