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The trends in the deco world in 2020 are pushing hard

Natural materials such as wicker, raffia, rattan or wood, providing harmony and a sense of warmth to the space.

Other styles in trend for this year are the nordic and minimalist styles. The inspiration for the nordic style is based mainly on nature, making use of natural materials such as wood or organic materials. Instead, the minimalist style is based on a more modern and simple style looking for functionality.


Ceiling lamps made of natural materials.

An example of a ceiling lamp made of natural materials is our SPECTRUM lamp handmade by our local artisans with materials such as wicker with campaign-shaped.


Iluminación sostenible de mimbre en forma de copaSPECTRUM


Modern ceiling lamps.

Also, the styles with geometric, elliptical and irregular shapes are a must in this season for the ceiling lamp decoration giving a modern and exclusive touch to the space.

As for example, in our projects we have created ceiling lamps with spherical glass shapes with wood and metal structure (GLOBE), or geometric style (EVERGLOW) and even with irregular hung spheres (MYSTERIOUS WAYS).


Iluminación de globos de techo colgante sujetados por una estructura de metal y madera



Lámparas colgantes de diseño para un restaurante con forma de cubo hexagonal de cristal y metal



Iluminación de diseño exclusivo con forma de esferas que reflejan la luz



Industrial style ceiling lamps.

The industrial style also continues to be a trend for this 2020, stripping the structure without treating the materials, using metals or wires combining them with wood.

They are usually pieces of great personality, some with rough appearance or even semi-finished.

Then, two of our industrial style ceiling lamps in which the first, GRAVITY, is a lamp with personality combining materials like metal, wire, wood and glass with copper tones, while the second, STARS, the lamp is made with forged metal combined with untreated wood giving that 100% appearance:


Lámpara colgante de techo catedral con media esfera de cristal y estructura de metal GRAVITY


Detalle de lámparas de diseño industrial de metal y sujetos de barras de maderaSTAR


Shop online for exclusive lighting design.

In ONA we have our own online store with limited edition items designed by us and manufactured by artisans. Natural and sustainable pieces of exclusive design.

Apart from our online store, we also carry out customized projects with architects, interior designers and private individuals. Being present through thought the development of the project, from the design to the installation of the luminaries.

At ONA we have our exclusive design of wicker pendant lamp created by local artisans, PANAU. Of metallic structure and oval shaped wicker screen adds a sophisticated and warm touch to the environment.


Lámpara de mimbre natural realizada a mano por artesanos


Are you an architect, interior designer, decorator or do you simply want to have a personalised and unique lighting in your home?

Get in touch with us and we will assist you as soon as possible, we will advise you and help you throughout the creation and installation process.