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More and more businesses are looking for a distinction in their decoration, betting on contract.


But, what means ‘contract’?

Contract is everything related to the world of decoration and interior design of commercial spaces, whether they are offices, restaurants, bars, hotels, cafes, premises…They are personalized projects developed for a specific space creating a product of great durability and distinction. It is not only the creation of a good design for the commercial space, it is about creating a design according to the sector, the strategy, the client, perspectives, position, etc …

What encompasses the contract projects of a store are both the furniture, the fabric, and the lighting, that is, the decoration in general that will be what marks a position of the company creating a unique image of the business. Also, several requirements must be met in contract furniture, such as design, functionality, durability and resistance, and high quality as the main characteristics.

The contract arises out of the need for business, such as the hotel or restaurant business, to create and differentiate itself or also to renew its image to meet the needs of its clients. Customers are increasingly demanding and not only look for good service, but also enjoying a good experience.

Companies are increasingly aware that image is everything to differentiate themselves and stand out, since today there is nothing more important than being on social networks to see the premises that are known for their good image, reaching new customers and retain them just for their image.


At ONA we create and develop specialized contract projects in professional lighting.

We are involved from idea creation, manufacturing and development to the lamp installation.


In our contract section you will see a part of the professional lighting projects that we have developed. We have developed different contract projects for the catering sector, for example some of them are:

Our bell-shaped wicker pendant lamps, made by local Valencia artisans, for a local restaurant:


Iluminación sostenible de mimbre en forma de copa



In the next restaurant, it is an industrial style combining materials such as wood and gold metal while holding large glass spheres:

Lámpara esférica colgante


Also, we have created several lighting projects with beer bottles:



Or you are ceiling lights in the shape of a hexagonal cube fastened by a metal frame decorated with a garden:


Iluminación sostenible de mimbre en forma de copa


These are some of our restoration contract projects, in which we have accompanied throughout the project process.

If you are interested in telling us your idea, contact us.