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Lighting in the mirrors is more and more in demand especially in those people who want to have natural light in the bathroom to be able to put on makeup without complications, for example. The correct use of lighting is essential since it must enhance the necessary amount of light for the environment or space, always taking into account the measurements of the place.


On many occasions, when it comes to putting on make-up, for example, the use of the wrong light causes us to make up excessively or incorrectly due to having a light that is not favorable to the dimensions of the space and our needs.


Therefore, it is very important to have adequate lighting that resembles natural light so as not to end up with an unfortunate makeup.

The solution to this problem? Choose the right size for your mirror with the right light and the correct proportion to the space you have.


Let’s see what types of lighting there are for mirror lighting:


Pendant lamps in bathrooms are ideal for indirect lighting, especially for public or restaurant bathrooms, as they provide prominence. They are also very versatile depending on the distance of the placement or the location. Also, they can be placed as indirect light on both sides of the mirror, for example, creating a feeling of warmth in the environment.

Wall lamps

The wall lights on the sides of the mirror also add a touch of class to the surroundings. These can focus the light upwards or they can accentuate the focus in the mirror area to illuminate the face on both sides and leave no shadows, thus creating a more complete illumination.

Mirror with light

Mirrors with light are also a good option for natural lighting, great for being able to put on makeup perfectly and be radiant outside. It is a perfect solution to illuminate the entire face without causing the dreaded shadows.

Light bulbs

The well-known mirror with light bulbs, a mythical element of Hollywood in the 30s and the movie stars in their dressing rooms.

Followed by a dressing table with its chair, for example, it is one of the most used options due to its great lighting and characteristics.

There are multiple styles of this mirror: classic, functional, minimalist …

The most glamorous and elegant option for any space.


Recessed spotlights

It is the most common form of lighting in bathrooms, discreet and very functional. It helps in the illumination of the mirror being able to focus the upper part of the face and thus obtain a complete illumination of it.


Natural light

Natural light is essential in any environment. The more natural light, the more natural we will look in the reflection of the mirror. Colours also play a very important role in relation to space. Light colours for bathroom walls, for example, are a great choice. A color like white will always accentuate the lighting more, so the feeling of the space will be totally natural.


Light colors in the decoration of the bathroom, walls, floors

For the light to be as natural as possible, the interior design of the space where you want to put the mirror with light is important, so in a space with a light-colored design such as white there will be more accentuation of lighting, so it would look more natural.


There are infinite possibilities but it is important to assess the space beforehand to choose the correct type of lighting and product. Depending on the space and the interior design of this, the functionality of the lighting will be valued. Therefore, at ONA we can advise you according to your needs, including designing your personalized lighting project according to all your needs and your space.