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ONA is a design and product development publisher for contract, especially lighting.

In our online store, you will find some of our exclusive designs, that have taken into account recycling and sustainability, in order to reduce the environmental impact and extend the useful life of the products.


We are involved in caring for the environment and for this reason, we have implemented in our online store a system that values ​​the purchase called “Eco Shopping“.


Eco Purchases are based on an exhaustive study of all the materials and the manufacturing process with which a score is obtained for each product according to its environmental impact.

When a purchase of our designs is made, “Eco Shopping” or “Ecological Shopping” points will be acquired that can be exchanged for future purchases of our products. The more the product respects the environmental impact, the more points will be obtained.

The points are cumulative and with them an additional discount can be obtained according to the points that the user has accumulated.

If the customer wants to change a lamp for another from our online store, the lamp to be changed will be collected, it will be evaluated according to its condition and the user will be given a discount through Eco Shopping.

If you are a lover of interior design or product design, this alternative will be of great value to you, since you can create a rotation of exclusive design products in which you can renew your space whenever you want.


Our team of product designers take into account the environmental impact of each lamp, both in its materials and in its manufacturing process.


We want to do our bit to take care of our most precious asset which is nature and contribute to a more sustainable society.