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We are a product design publisher, we create from a project concept to manufacturing.

Now more than ever ONA wants to provide the well-being of businesses with the sanitation totem, a disinfection system that guarantees the cleaning and disinfection of people.

The sanitation totem that ONA has developed is characterized by a metal frame into which a thermometer can be inserted to detect body temperature in both the forehead and individual’s wrists.

Also, there will be trays at the ends of the structure, where you can supply both masks or napkins. In addition, it will have an automatic dispenser of hand sanitizing gel and a trash can to remove the excess waste.

This disinfection totem is fully customizable and you can make a personalized design to not differ from the space environment or the company image.

The disinfection totem achieves the stylization and disinfection of customers and/or workers on the premises, guaranteeing safety and sanitation.



The advantages of having a sanitation totem are:

  • Comfort, by having everything that is needed in one place for the correct hygiene and disinfection of the client at the entrance to the space.

  • Tranquility, by having the structure at the entrance of the premises or office, thus ensuring that all who have entered have been disinfected correctly.

  • Security, when facing disinfection and sterilization guaranteeing a safe environment.

  • Usability, since its function is totally perceptible and does not need any previous explanation.

  • Hygienic, and easy, since with the thermometer and automatic gel it is not necessary to touch the surface of the totem.

  • Design, as a design publisher, we offer the possibility of creating a design according to the decoration of the space or the image of the company.


Also, as we explained in one of the previous blogs, ONA has also developed a UV disinfection system for the total disinfection and sterilization of surfaces, as well as machinery or work materials, such as gym machines, clothing a store, office supplies, etc.

This system is capable of disinfecting the surface in seconds up to 99.999% without having to do anything. Thanks to its movement system, which will be activated when nobody is there, it guarantees safety and rapid disinfection of surfaces. The ultraviolet radiation system guarantees the inability of bacteria, viruses or microorganisms, when exposed to ultraviolet light, to be unable to reproduce and/or infect, thus providing rapid inactivation.

In summary, the characteristics and advantages of the ultraviolet lamp are:

  • Disinfection and germination of up to 99.999%.

  • It guarantees the safety and well-being of people with its motion detection system.

  • Ensures sanitation and disinfection in seconds.

  • Guarantees the inability of bacteria, viruses and microorganisms to reproduce and infect.

  • Able to disinfect any space and any work material.

  • ONA offers the possibility of creating a UV light lamp design according to the establishment or space.

If you are interested in our disinfection systems, in the sanitation totem or in the ultraviolet lamp, contact us.