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Space disinfection system

Now more than ever, disinfection measures and precautions must be taken in places and spaces to eliminate bacteria and viruses.

Many ways of disinfection are discussed, as reflected in the official list of virucides in Spain, but there is a disinfection system capable of eliminating all kinds of bacteria and viruses in just a few minutes.


UV-C light as disinfectant is coming from the energy of the sun, known as ultraviolet light. Is the best method for a quick and easy disinfection of spaces and surfaces.


For decades, the UV-C light method has been used successfully as:

  • Germicide, bactericida and fungicide in many fields for the desinfection in seage treatment plants.

  • In laboratories

  • Air conditioning systems

  • Swimming pools

  • Aquariums

  • At different stages of the industrial processes of food and beverages.

However, it has never been more in demand for desinfection in hospitals and health centers before.

This disinfection method is obtained with a sling length with specific nanometer values, not worth any UV light bulb. These values ​​are what make this radiation a powerful germicide and bactericide capable of destroying both DNA and RNA, where the genetic programming of viruses and bacteria is.


There are many characterisitics of this desinfectation system, for example:

  • Respectful with the environment

  • It does not generates resistance because destroying all the genetic information of the virus it makes it incapable of continuing to reproduce.

  • UV-C bulbs work by inactivating the DNA of both bacterias and viruses.

  • They do not only kill bacteria and viruses, they also desinfect spaces.

  • It can kill microorganisms, bacterias, viruses and other pathogens or prevent their development, and provides a chemical-free alternative to other desinfection methods such as the use of chlorine.

  • It works by inactivating the DNA of both bacteria and viruses.

On the other hand, UVC ultraviolet light can have health disadvantages, for example they can damage the skin and eyes by having direct contact with the light.


But how to prevent and avoid direct contact with ultraviolet light in a feasible and safe way?

Through a control system.

For this reason, from our engineering department we develop an electronics capable of providing the necessary security in spaces, so that our designs are not activated in the presence of people and thus be able to ensure their safety.

At ONA, as a company specialized in the design of luminaires, we not only provide the control system but we also develop luminaire in which the UV-C tube would be in accordance with the decoration of the spaces preventing said element from affecting visually to the whole of the decoration premises.

If you are interested in our UV-C dsinfection system with control sensors do not hesitate to contact us, we will attend you as soon as possible.