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Table lamps can be placed in any corner of the home, being perfect as a decorative element or as an auxiliary lamp for moments of reading or work.


Desk lamps are those preferably with articulated arms for greater reading or working comfort. Wood or metal style desk lamps are the most required, although there are very elegant alternatives.

On the other hand, bedside table lamps, also are part of the decoration of the room, tending to be a symmetrical decoration on both sides of the bed to obtain a sense of order and harmony. They are usually lamps that transmit a warm and relaxing atmosphere or used for reading from the bed with 2,700ºK.

There are countless styles for the bedside table but without a doubt our bet is the DOTTIE lamp for a casual, minimalist and cozy style.


The side table or dresser lamps are the ones that gives that touch of distinction of style in the home, with warm yellow light of 2,700Kº. These types of lamps are used for home decoration and attract attention.

For example, our new SUNSET design is a very powerful lamp that stands out for its distinction. It is a modern and avant-garde design that will not go unnoticed in the decoration of your home. With its ceramic piece with holes to let out the light and its black chromed metal structure, it makes it a perfect combination to create a decorative corner that will set trends in the home.


In this type of lighting, whether as a decorative, desk or reading element, the intensity and color of the light must be taken into account. For example, the ideal for desk lamps is a neutral or cold light between 4,000ºK and 5,000ºK, since they favor concentration and do not tire the eyes.


At ONA we develop our own brand lamps with our unique design. We design and manufacture our own lamps, being able to purchase them in our online store.