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What does lighting design bring to our space?

A lamp can totally change the atmosphere and design of a space.


By its light, whether it is white or warmer, creating different sensations.

As we discussed in our previous post, about the latest trends in ceiling lamps and the different styles of lighting designs, we came to the conclusion that if we choose the correct design of our lamp according to our space we will create a unique and personal atmosphere.

With a white modern minimalist lamp in a bright space and with a suitable decoration, for example, we will create a trendy space with lots of light and serenity.


Design lighting, the star of the space.


A lamp can be the main protagonist of a space, as we could do with our MARBLE lamp. This exclusive design lamp will fit perfectly in both minimalist and in an avant-garde design environment.

MARBLE is a table lamp that will have relevance in any corner or space due to its design and dimensions, since it has a height of approximately 54 cm and a base of 13.5 cm in diameter.


Lámpara de diseño de mármol y soplado de cristal



This lamp is made up of a cylinder of white-veined black marble and a large blown glass shade, making it a sculpture with strength and great personality.



Also, our COBALT ceramic pendant lamp is another great bet. Uniquely designed with a 100% artisan manufacturing process, from wood carving to ceramics and decorative hand painted floral ornaments, it is a rustic lamp for its contribution of wood as the main base of the lamp.


This model brings distinction and tradition, being an exclusive and handmade design that brings warmth and modernity to the space.


Lámparas colgantes de techo de diseño creadas a mano de madera y de cerámica con dibujos florales azules dibujados a mano




At ONA we work so that each of our design products in our lighting store adds value to the decoration of your space.

It is very easy to make a purchase in our online store, you just have to register on the web providing the information for the purchase and shipping and place the order for your designer lamp.


We work to create exclusiva lighting designs so that each space is unique.

What space do you want us to make unique for you?