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Lighting should become your great partner in decorating spaces, as it can completely transform the ambiance of a room. If we talk about lighting, we can combine different types of lamps, floor, ceiling or wall, in this post we will focus on the latter, which will help us to improve the aesthetics of any room without taking up visual space.

Wall lamps provide directional and ambient lighting, creating a pleasant environment and adding style and personality to the space where they are placed. They also provide us with that functional point by illuminating exactly what we want, especially useful for creating calm atmospheres.

This allows us to create ambient, pleasant, soft and relaxing lighting. It is something that can be applied in any room, from corridors to bedrooms or living rooms, providing an indirect light that creates a cosy and relaxing atmosphere.

Further extending the functional aspect, wall lights can also be used to highlight decorative elements, such as pieces of art or furniture. This will help to focus attention on those objects or corners. Another point to highlight, in terms of functionality, is the ability to dissect the light, which is necessary for reading or working places. Install the wall light at the right height and direct the light to where you need it, this will help to reduce eye strain and in turn increase efficiency.

Do you want to place a wall light in your space? just choose the right places and follow these three rules: choose the right height, which avoids glare and is functional for its purpose; leave space between the wall lights, for a balanced effect; and finally, choose the right bulbs in terms of shade and sustainability.