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The decoration of your home is determined by the furniture you choose, but other issues, such as the color of the walls or decorative elements, are also of vital importance. In fact, it is usually the small details that make the difference and give the space personality. For you to achieve this, we show you one of the most current trends: wicker lamps.

Why are wicker lamps one of the most current trends?

It is true that wicker lamps have been part of home decoration for a long time, however, in recent times they have become one of the most current trends. Here are some of the reasons:

  • Esthetic. Undoubtedly the most important reason to bet on wicker lamps is that they have a very attractive aesthetic. They have their own personality and give a different touch to the room in which they are placed.

  • Designs. In addition to its aesthetics, it should also be noted that there are countless designs, changing sizes, shapes or colors. It is very easy to find a model that fits with your decoration and that you love.

  • Natural material. Wicker is a natural material and therefore also sustainable. Betting on this type of option is much more than an aesthetic issue, it is a lifestyle. Therefore, this class of lamps has become the favorite option for many.

  • Atmosphere. It is true that a wicker lamp helps to create a warm atmosphere, but it also transmits the freshness of summer. However, do not think that it is an option only for a vacation home, it can be perfectly for your habitual residence.

  • Decorative style. There are some pieces that are only valid for a specific decorative style, something that does not happen with this class of lamps. They will adapt perfectly to the image of your home. It is true that they are perfect for Nordic, rustic or boho environments, but they can also relax a home with classic decoration or give a touch of warmth to a home with an industrial style.

  • Any room. In the same way that they adapt to any decorative style, wicker lamps are perfect for all rooms in the house. You just have to look for the right model with the certainty that you are going to get it right.

  • Models. If until now you have imagined the wicker lamps on the ceilings of your home, that’s fine. However, they can also be standing or tabletop. As we have already mentioned, their versatility allows them to adapt to any environment.

  • Focal point. The focal point of a room is what grabs your attention as you enter any room. Not only is it the element that attracts the most attention of all, but it can be the starting point for the rest of the decoration. There is no doubt that a wicker lamp can fulfill this role perfectly.

Surely there is something that you are now clear about, you need a wicker lamp in your home… or perhaps more than one.