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As a general rule, packages are shipped in 5/10 days if the product is in stock.

If the product is not in stock, you must contact our customer service through:

EMAIL: info@onaemotion.com


Returns of the product will be accepted within 5 days of delivery to the email address provided by the customer.

The reasons for return will be as follows:

– Due to malfunction.

– For damages suffered in transport.

– If the customer is not satisfied with the product

Returns will be processed through:

EMAIL: info@onaemotion.com




Manufacturing defects

The manufacturer guarantees the correct operation of the equipment and possible repairs or replacement supplies of the model due to manufacturing defects for 2 years from the date of delivery, but cannot be held responsible for damages and / or losses caused by misuse of it.

For any claim, the purchase receipt must be attached to the guarantee. Said claim must be processed through:

EMAIL: info@onaemotion.com

Repair due to misuse

If the user wants to repair one of our products, they can contact us and we will assess the repair if it is viable. If the user has Ecocompras, they can use them so that the cost is less. For this option, you must attach the purchase receipt and images of the product indicating which is the repair and process through:

EMAIL: info@onaemotion.com




At ONA we are committed to recycling and a sustainable life, for this reason we have created one option to give a long life to our lamps:

In order for the lamp to be recycled properly, we give the option of collecting the ONA lamp that you want to recycle to give it a better life.

In return, ONA will grant an economic incentive to the client depending on the status of the product and its evaluation.

EMAIL: info@onaemotion.com